Event RSVP Services Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Wedding RSVP service?

Couples spend an average of $500 to $800 on rsvp cards, invitation envelopes, stamps, extra catered meals and long distance calls. Your personalized system will save you money and energy while giving you the peace of mind and time to focus on other important aspects of your wedding, brithday, or other special event. Say goodbye to wasted meals and hello to a more accurate guest list.

How long before my wedding should I set my RSVP deadline?

Your RSVP deadline should be set about 3 weeks before the wedding date.

Will MyRSVPLive's company logo or name appear on my invitation or be mentioned on my RSVP telephone line?

Our company name or logo will not need to be featured on your printed invitation. MyRSVPLive's name will not be mentioned on your RSVP telephone line when gold or platinum packages are used.

What additional information can you provide to my guests as they RSVP?

We can provide additional information such as gift registry, directions to the ceremony/reception, hotel recommendations, transportation instructions and much more. Having an adult only wedding? We can help keep it that way.

What additional information can I collect from my guests when they RSVP?

We can collect information such as the names of all the members of their group, meal preferences, dietary requirements, attendance to axillary events, arrival date and much more.

How should my RSVP information be displayed on the invitation?

Your MyRSVPLive telephone number and/or web address can be included at the bottom of your invitation, featured on a separate RSVP card or combined with your Gift Registry information. RSVP cards can also be printed from your online account. Your RSVP information includes your Access Number(s), Event ID, RSVP deadline and the guest's respective RSVP Code (if applicable).

How long does it take to receive my access telephone number(s)?

Your account information will be sent to you within 24 hours of placing your order and receipt of payment.

At what stage of the planning process do should I purchase MyRSVPLive Service?

Order the service before ordering your event invitations so that your MyRSVPLive telephone number and/or web address can be included.

How should I send you my guest list?

OPTION 1 - Log into your account at www.myRSVPLive.com and create your guest list online.

OPTION 2 - Use the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet template provided and email it to us. Available in your online account.

What if a guest has contacted me directly?

You may use your online account to add and revise your guest list. You can also view the total number of confirmations and regrets as often as you would like via your online account at www.myrsvplive.com

Can you contact guests who do not respond by the required date?

Yes. Your system is able to make outbound calls to guests, kindly asking them to respond to your invitation, while also providing them with any information regarding your special day.

Do I have to include my guests' telephone numbers on my guest list?

It is not necessary to include telephone numbers until you have decided to use the call outbound call feature. At which point you will only need to provide the telephone numbers of guests who have not replied. These numbers will remain confidential in your account.

Do I order my invitations from you?

Order your invitations from your vendor of choice. MyRSVPLive does not provide or print event invitations.

When is payment due?

Payments are due before you receive your account information and access numbers.

How often can I get an update on guest confirmations?

Your up-to-date guest list is available to you 24 hours a day via your online account on our web site. You will be given a username and password for your online account.